5 Ways to Improve Safety in the Work Place


Dangerous work conditions are one of the leading causes of work related injuries. Safety is something all workers are entitled to. Unfortunately, not all employers are committed to providing it. If you would like to improve the safety of your work environment, below are a few tips you can speak with your coworkers and supervisors about implementing.

1. Hold Safety Meetings
Holding monthly safety meetings will help you and your coworkers stay on top of all safety routines and procedures. Not only would this provide a good time to go over new policies, but will also give employees a chance to ask questions and bring up safety concerns. Meetings are also great time to show videos, give quizzes, and share presentations.
2. Put Together a Safety Manual
A manual that outlines the rules and how to safely use all job-related equipment is a great resource. Each employee can be given a copy of the manual and a company copy should be made available on the work site at all times.
3. Inspect Regularly
Be on the lookout for hidden safety hazards, such as cracked tools and under-stocked first aid kits. Also, prepare an equipment checklist to make sure all tools and safety apparatuses are present. Safety inspections should take place at least once a week. 
4. Develop a Rewards Program
People love working towards rewards, and safe work habits are definitely something that deserve to be recognized. If the number of work incidents falls beneath a set amount during a given time period (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.), the employees can be rewarded with a pizza party or an extra vacation day.
5. Have Safety Drills
Safety drills will help you and your coworkers become familiar with all exit procedures, for example, the emergency door locations. The plans for these drills can be discussed at your regular safety meetings and the instructions can be worked into the employee safety manual. Safety drills will also ensure that all alarms are working properly and will show if any of your plans need to be altered. For example, if your coworkers are not getting out of the building quickly enough, you may need to think of a different route or move some of the office furniture to a new location.
Remember, your employer is required to provide you with a safe work environment. If you think your company is not in compliance with Pennsylvania’s labor laws, you should contact the Department of Labor or a competent workers’ compensation attorney immediately.

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