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PA Workers Comp Safety: Security Guards

Security guards often work during the night, alone, and are in charge of making sure that the area they are protecting remains safe. Because of this, they are at risk for themselves to come face-to-face with violent criminals, which can make safety a constant worry.   Security guards are at risk for many physical injuries […]

PA Workers Comp: Supervisors

  When it comes to work-related injuries and illnesses, supervisors are often not the first type of employee that comes to mind. However, despite being overlooked, supervisors often work in stressful situations and can be just as prone to work-related injuries and illnesses as all other workers.   Often, supervisors must deal with insubordinate employees, […]

PA Workers Comp Safety: Aircraft Mechanics

Working on an aircraft not only takes some serious know-how; it also requires workers to be fully-attentive so that they do not get injured on the job. And whether it be in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, State College, there are many cities in Pennsylvania that have airports. Below are some of the most common injuries associated with […]

PA Workers Comp Safety: Fast Food Workers

  Employees of the fast food industry work in an environment that is full of stress, fast-pacing, and hazards. Fast food workers that are injured on the job in Pennsylvania are entitled to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits.    Below are a few tips fast food workers can use to remain safe on the job.    […]

PA Workers Comp: Injuries from Animals

  If you live in Pennsylvania and work with or around animals, you understand the risks of failing to follow proper safety procedures.   Some workplaces that require employees to work with or around animals include :   ·         Veterinary hospitals ·         State and private parks ·         Zoos ·         Pet Stores ·         Farms ·         Pet Grooming […]

PA Workers Comp Safety: Telecommunications

  Telecommunication installation is one of the most common jobs available in Pennsylvania. Although it’s a generally safe job, there are a number of injuries that can occur if the proper safety procedures are not followed.   Some of the most common injuries associated with telecommunication installation include :   Electric Shock Back Injuries Falls from […]

PA Workers Comp: Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives make up a large portion of Pennsylvania’s work force. In fact, there are over 6000 customer service representatives in the Harrisburg-Carlisle area alone. Many people may not realize that customer service representative are at risk for many work-related health issues. Below are some of the most common health problems associated with customer […]

PA Workers Comp: Pennsylvania Residents that Work Out-of-State, and Pennsylvania Workers’ that Live Out-of-State

The Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system carries a list of complicated laws and restrictions. One of the most frequent questions we receive regards those who live in Pennsylvania and work out of state, or those who live out of state and work in Pennsylvania. Workers that fall into this category frequently want to know “If I […]

PA Workers Comp: Winter Injuries

Pennsylvania residents know that winter in Pennsylvania can lead to some scary weather conditions.   And for the Pennsylvania workforce, that can unfortunately lead to work-related injuries. Here are some of the most common injuries associated with winter.     Car Accidents During snow storms, driving should be avoided unless it is absolutely necessary. If […]

PA Workers Compensation: Teachers

  It may be hard to believe, but teachers can be quite prone to injuries. Be it injuries from assault and breaking up fights, sprains from physical activity when teaching gym, or mental health issues as a result of disruptive classroom behavior and stress, teacher have a number of health issues they need to worry […]