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PA Workers Comp Safety: Rain

Spring has finally arrived in Pennsylvania. And that means that for the next few months, it's going to be wet outside. Below are a few safety tips you and your coworkers can use if you are required to work outside in rainy conditions.   Wear The Right Clothing Wear clothing that will keep you dry. […]

PA Workers Comp Benefits: What Business Owners Need to Know

  In Pennsylvania, it’s important for business owners to understand that it is their responsibility to provide a safe work environment and to also cover the medical costs of all injured workers. Below is some information business owners need to know regarding Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits.    Fault Doesn’t Matter Many employers will try to […]

PA Workers Comp Safety: Fast Food Workers

  Employees of the fast food industry work in an environment that is full of stress, fast-pacing, and hazards. Fast food workers that are injured on the job in Pennsylvania are entitled to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits.    Below are a few tips fast food workers can use to remain safe on the job.    […]

PA Workers Comp: Dealing With Hazwaste

  Pennsylvania workers that deal with hazwaste are at risk for many serious injuries. These include chemical burns, respiratory issues, poisoning, and many others. Some industries that work with hazwaste on a regular basis include power plants, hydrofracking, healthcare, and construction. Below are a few safety tips you and your coworkers can follow to guarantee […]

PA Workers Comp: Injuries from Animals

  If you live in Pennsylvania and work with or around animals, you understand the risks of failing to follow proper safety procedures.   Some workplaces that require employees to work with or around animals include :   ·         Veterinary hospitals ·         State and private parks ·         Zoos ·         Pet Stores ·         Farms ·         Pet Grooming […]

PA Workers Comp: Scars and Disfigurement

In terms of Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits, injuries that involve scars and disfigurement to the head, neck or face are often unique.    Under the PA. Workers' Compensation Act Section (c) (22) , an injured worker in Pennsylvania is entitled to benefits " For serious and permanent disfigurement of the head, neck or face , […]

PA Workers Compensation: Who Has Your Best Interest In Mind?

In this post, we may be painting with a bit of a broad brush, but in most cases, it can be pretty easy to determine who has your best interest in mind when filing a Pennsylvania workers' compensation claim.   Below is some information you can use to determine what you can expect from each […]

Tips for Having Your PA Workers’ Comp Claim Accepted

It's no secret that insurance companies will do all they can to get out of covering a Pennsylvania workers' compensation claim. Below are a few tips you can use increase your chances of not being rejected.    1. Report Your Injury in a Timely Fashion In Pennsylvania, you have 120 days to report your injury. […]

PA Workers Comp: What Should I Do if I am Accused of Fraud?

Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits exist so that victims of work related injuries can put food on the table, cover their medical bills, and take care of any other basic needs while they are unable to work. Some people that receive Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits lives are changed forever in that they will never be able […]

PA Workers Comp and Not Following Safety Procedures/Rules

  When you file a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim, there’s a good chance your employer will try a number of excuses to get out of covering your medical bills. One of these excuses may be that, since you were not following the company’s rules or safety procedures, the injury is your fault and not the […]