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In The News: PA Workers Comp Update 6/20/17

 HOW LONG CAN I GET WORKERS’ COMPENSATION BENEFITS IN PA.?  AN UPDATE WORKERS’ COMPENSATION: PENNSYLVANIA SUPREME COURT ISSUES LANDMARK DECISION IN            PROTZ V. WCAB (DERRY AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT) On June 20, 2017, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court declared that Section 306(a.2) of the Pa. Workers’ Compensation Act (the Act) was unconstitutional. Previously, since passage of revisions […]

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation and Repetitive Strain Injuries

As time goes by, you may begin noticing that performing your job is becoming more and more difficult.  You can’t complete certain tasks as quickly as you used to. You’re continually stopping because the pain is too much.    Some may be quick to write these off as symptoms of getting older. However, age may […]