Pa Workers Comp: Health Insurance and Pennsylvania Workers Compensation

If a workers’ compensation case is denied, is the injured worker’s health insurance required to cover the cost of their medical bills? This is one of the most common questions we receive, and with good reason, as it can be a complicated matter. The short answer, of course, is yes. Insurance companies ARE obligated to cover the cost of medical bills for work-related injuries if a Pa workers comp claim has been denied. But, unfortunately, things do not typically go that smoothly.  
Frequently, health insurance companies refuse to cover injuries that are work-related. This is because when the notes are reviewed by your health insurance provider, they see that the injury took place at work, and assume you will be receiving Pennsylvania workers’ compensation and deny the coverage.
This creates a complicated situation for those whose workers’ compensation claim has been denied. They could be at work risking further injury to try and stay on top of their expenses, or be forced into using unpaid time off while medical bills pile up.
Fortunately for those stuck in a situation such as this, there is a solution. Consulting with an expert Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney can get the injured person on the right track to fighting their denied claim. Furthermore, your legal representative will know how to instruct your health insurance company to pay your medical bills while you contest the denied claim. 
If you live in the Harrisburg, Chambersburg, and Gettysburg area, and your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, contact PaWorkersCompHelpNow at 877-COMPHELP for a FREE consultation. Do not miss out on the benefits you are entitled to!
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