Injured at Work? PA Workers’ Comp Help Now Can Help

Injured at work

If you’ve been injured at work, we’re very happy you have found this page.

Why? We Have The Right Answers to Your Questions!

Because in the next few minutes, we’d like to give you answers to some of the questions that must be on your mind. We also want to provide directions you may need to avoid making any mistakes that can threaten your health and benefits.

Although your work-related injury may differ from others, the process of filing and winning a claim is basically the same. When injured at work your goal should be to commit to recovering from your injury by finding just the right treatment and eliminating the stress that comes with legal documents, medical exams and life-changing decisions that you may experience. Since you’ll be dealing with a large corporate insurance company, it is important for you to be both prepared and protected.

4 Steps To Take When Injured At Work.

Injured at workFirst things first. These are the 4 Steps you need to take to recover when you’ve been injured at work. Whether it’s an accident or illness, for your workers’ compensation benefits you need to avoid legal landmines, insurance company babble and concentrate on your recovery.

  • Treat – If you’ve been seriously injured at work, the first priority is to seek medical assistance from the hospital emergency room or from a physician. Don’t downplay the injury as “nothing serious”. Things change. Today’s sore back can turn out to be a herniated disc tomorrow.

  • ReportWhen you’ve been injured at work reporting the accident with your employer is very important and must take place in a timely fashion. Sit with your manager or human relations person and report to them exactly what happened.

  • File – People who have been injured at work tend to relax after reporting the injury to their employer and talking with the insurance company. There is another task that is very important in protecting yourself. You must file a Claim Petition if you have not received a Notice of Compensation Payable. Note: Filling out the petition is important and can be very confusing. If you call AJ Palutis he will help you fill out the paperwork for NO CHARGE (Free).

  • Recover – You will be responsible for your recovery, consequently you must follow the directions of the doctor, nurse and insurance company to the letter. Remember, insurance companies are not your friend. The doctors and therapists are paid by the insurance company, and report directly to them concerning how you’re handling your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation

From the time you file your workers’ compensation claim, you will be challenged physically, mentally and financially. As days go by, you’ll think of many questions you need answered. We provide a site of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that will help you, in most cases, address your most important concerns. Here are a some important questions you may be asking right now…

If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the FAQs page, then you can contact us by email or by phone and we’ll answer your questions and give you the direction you need.

Understanding Workers’ Comp: What Should You Watch Out For?

The insurance company is not your friend! In most cases, their representatives are very nice, but their job is to get you back to work as soon as possible. Although they may not break the law, they will try to confuse you, get you to settle your case before you’ve recovered, and get you to accept the treatment they feel you need. Keep in mind that they are very experienced in the workers’ compensation process and they want to be in control of the costs for your treatment. That might mean cutting corners in order to save money. How do they do it? In your case, the insurance agent, doctor, nurse and physical care facilities all rely on the insurance company for income. If a doctor, nurse or therapist has a borderline diagnosis to make, they will, in most cases, find in favor of the insurance company at your expense. Even though your recovery is the responsibility of the insurance company, they want to guide the recovery process in a direction that is least expensive. Their focus is more on saving money and less on your recovery. If you feel as though they are ganging up on you, then it may be a perfect time to consider putting a lawyer on your team.

Why Would You Choose to Use a Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

For you, like most people, injured at work, the workers’ compensation process gets very confusing. There are state laws, insurance regulations and paperwork that must be read and responded to. The process of reading legal documents can become very confusing. If you become overwhelmed by information that you don’t understand and stressed by the pressures of recovering from an injury, you are prone to making a mistake that could affect your benefits. You may have decided not to contact a lawyer because you feel you cannot afford one. The good news is, there are no out of pocket expenses or charges when you hire AJ Palutis as a part of your “recovery team.” (see explanation below How Lawyers Get Paid) Don’t overlook this point! It has been demonstrated for many years that people, injured at work, are protected by having the knowledge and support of a lawyer. The presence of a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer has protected clients from bullying and helped them get the care and financial support they need to recover. AJ Palutis feels that the best workers’ comp lawyers considers themselves a member of your healthcare team. “My job is to make sure that you are provided the best care possible, ensure that you have the financial income you need and avoid the stress that would slow your recovery,” AJ said. “Although I deal with legal issues, they always lead back to the same thing… will it help my client recover.”

So How Does A Workers’ Comp Lawyer Get Paid

Some attorneys advertise that there is no charge for the initial evaluation of your case. Some even say something like “there’s no fee unless we win or settle your claim. What they might not say is that you could be responsible for the costs involved in your case. An attorney will often have to pay to get your records from a doctor. There could be costs associates with reports, depositions, and transcripts associated with a claim. These costs could run as high as $3-$5,000. How do you recover that money? The Workers’ Compensation Judge will determine how your cost will be reimbursed… IF YOU WIN! At PA Workers’ Comp Help Now, AJ Palutis will pick up all costs associated with your case. If he wins your case he recovers his money. If he loses your case… he loses his money. Talk about being vested or involved in winning your case. AJ has “skin in the game” and is motivated to win! AJ’s guarantee to you is that you will never receive a bill from him and you won’t have out of pocket expenses.

Best Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Harrisburg PA

Instead of thinking that any lawyer is good enough, look for the Best Lawyer in Harrisburg PA who will become a valuable member of your team and handle your legal issues. It’s important that the lawyer you choose is experienced, loyal, and battle tested, but their most important trait is to be trustworthy. That means they put your health and recovery above everything else. AJ Palutis has twenty-five years of experience dealing with workers’ comp cases. And here’s what sets him apart making him one of the best Workers’ Comp lawyers in Harrisburg PA. The first part of his career was spent as an attorney representing employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies. Talk about an advantage in knowing your opponents strategy! He can look over at the opposing attorney and all but read their mind. In most cases, that gives his clients the edge. As your legal specialist and teammate, I can anticipate almost every move the insurance company makes and stop them in their tracks,” AJ says. You have a legal right to medical care that will get you back to work, and if that can’t happen, you should receive a disability settlement and vocational training.”

What’s The Next Step in Your Workers’ Compensation Case?

The next step is for you to meet AJ. There are two reasons for your meeting. The first is for you to see if AJ is someone you’ll feel comfortable working with. The second is for him to hear your story so he can give you an idea of the strategy and course of action that will be best for your recovery. You do not have to hire him if you’re not comfortable. If you decide to meet with him, you can meet at his office or he would be happy to meet you at a restaurant near you for a cup of coffee. If you’re hurt and still in the hospital or can’t move from your house, he’ll be happy to come to you. That’s the first step. Then he needs to get started right away to notify your insurance company, gather information from your accident, ensure you’re receiving lost wages, and make sure you are receiving the best medical care possible. Your responsibility during this time is to work toward your recovery. PA Workers’ Comp Help Now has a goal of getting you physically and mentally back to 100% and back to work… or, if that’s not possible, getting you a settlement and training in another area. We want the insurance company to be stressed out, not you!

A Final Warning! If You Choose to Operate Without an Attorney

During the time of your injury, you will receive a great deal of advice. Friends, family, and even complete strangers are willing to help and advise you. Problems arise because what they advise is not necessarily based on the law and can end up with your losing a portion or all of your benefits. And, as we discussed earlier, the insurance company, medical providers and therapy specialists cannot be relied upon to have your best interests in mind. If you’re operating without the alliance of a lawyer, here are 9 steps for you to follow to protect your benefits.

  • Know and understand what your rights are

  • Properly fill out a workers’ compensation claim

  • Get medical attention as soon as possible

  • Don’t assume your claim will be approved

  • Make sure you understand the legal notices you receive

  • Closely follow the recommended medical advice

  • Don’t volunteer information to your treatment team

  • Limit your exposure on social media

  • Seek legal help when you get overwhelmed

What Should Your Next Step Be?

When injured at work you must be very careful in applying for and receiving your workers’ compensation benefits. We can’t stress enough the importance of protecting your benefits. One error on a form, an errant word in a discussion with the insurance agent or doctor, or not complying with recovery orders can sabotage your case.

Before you go we’d like to give you our helpful resource guide entitled “7 Steps to Getting the Best Outcome for Your Workers’ Compensation Case.” On the form below simply tell us your first name and where to send your copy of this informative guide.

If you’re injured at work… don’t suffer with the stress and pain of the sickness or injury. Call AJ today and begin eliminating the mental stress and physical pain so you can get back to your normal life. It only takes a phone call and we’ll begin working with you immediately. We’re interested in you and committed to your recovery. CALL US TODAY at (717)234-2402.