It’s Important to Report Your Work Related Injury ASAP


If you live in Pennsylvania and have been injured on the job, you don’t have time to spare. The longer you go without reporting your work-related injury to your employer, the greater the chances are of your claim being denied.


Technically, you have 120 days after an injury takes place to report it. However, there are many reasons you should not wait this long to tell your employer about the injury.


The longer you wait, the more suspicious you are going to look. It’s unethical, but even if you report your injury within the 120 day time limit that Pennsylvania law allows you to have, you can guarantee the opposing attorney is going to ask why you waited such a long time to bring the injury to the attention of your employer. They will most likely try to accuse you of faking or exaggerating your injury. It’s in the best interest of all injured persons to not give the opposing side a chance to work with this argument. 


If, however, an injury is reported right away, it is a lot easier to prove. If you are standing in front of your employer, injured, immediately after a work-related accident, it is going to be pretty difficult for your company to call you a liar.


It’s also in the best interest of your health to report all injuries immediately so that you can get checked out by a doctor. NEVER try to work through the pain. This can lead to a worsened condition. Even if you think an injury is no big deal, it’s still important that you stop working right away and get yourself checked out by a medical professional.


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