Mental Health and Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation

In recent years, mental health issues have become more recognized by medical professionals. And, like many other illnesses, mental health issues are often work-related. Although it can be a difficult process, those in Pennsylvania that suffer from work-related mental illnesses are entitled to workers’ compensation.   
Work-Related Mental Health Issues
Work-related mental health issues are usually brought on by either stressful or traumatic experiences. Examples include a manager pressuring an employer to the point of having an anxiety attack, or a worker experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder after seeing a coworker receive a serious injury. Other common work-related psychological health problems include depression and panic attacks. 
Before persuing a workers’ compensation case for a work-related mental health illness, it’s important to understand what type of mental health issue you are facing. Work-related mental health issues are sorted into three different categories: 
1. Mental/Physical: This is when a psychological condition leads to a work-related physical injury. For example, a worker having an anxiety attack, fainting, and then hitting their head on the ground. 
2. Physical/Mental: This is when a physical injury leads to a mental issue. For example, a worker becoming depressed as a result of being bed-ridden for a long period of time.
3. Mental/Mental: This is when a psychological condition leads to another psychological condition. For example, witnessing a fatal fall and developing a fear of heights.   
Receiving Workers’ Compensation for Your Mental Health Issue
Unfortunately, receiving workers’ compensation for a work-related mental health issue is not easy. The most effective way to get your injury covered is to talk to a specialized Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyer. 
You will need to prove that your mental condition was brought on by your working conditions and that the condition was not pre-existing. A certified Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney can help you do that.  
If you have a mental health issue that has been brought on by working conditions in the Harrisburg, Scranton, or Allentown area, contact PaWorkersCompHelpNow at 877-COMPHELP as soon as possible. 
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