Pa Workers Comp Act: Know Your Rights

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act requires all employers in Pennsylvania to give their employees a notice of their rights. Unfortunately, many workers just skim this over or, even worse, don’t look at it all. Do you know all of YOUR rights? Below is a summary of the rights the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act guarantees you as a worker in Pennsylvania. For a printable version of the full document, check out the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry website.
You have the right to seek medical treatment for any work-related emergencies from any health care provider of your choice. However, for post-emergency injuries and non-emergency injuries, you are to seek treatment from a designated medical professional for up to 90 days after your first visit took place It is up to your employer to provide you with a list of medical professionals to choose from. 
During the 90 day treatment period, you have the right to switch to a different designated medical treatment provider. 
As long are your treatments come from one of your company’s designated medical processionals, your employer is to cover the costs of all reasonable medical supplies and treatment in relation to the work related injury.
You have the right to seek a second opinion from a doctor of your choice if invasive surgery has been prescribed by one of the company’s designated health care professionals. 
You have the right to a medical consultation or treatment from a medical professional other than one of the ones designated by your employer. BUT, you will be required to pay for these services yourself. 
After being treated by one of the designated medical professionals for over 90 days, you are entitled to seek treatment from a medical professional of your choosing, regardless of whether or not the professional is on the employer’s designated list. 
You have the right to seek treatment from any health care provider after the 90-day period has ended. However, do keep in mind that it is your duty to notify your employer of treatment by a non-designated provider within 5 days of your visit to the provider. Failure to notify your employer within 5 days may cause you to lose out on your benefits.
If you have been injured on the job and reside in the Harrisburg, Scranton, or Pottsville areas, you may be entitled to Pennsylvania workers compensation. Contact 1-877-COMPHELP for a FREE consultation!
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