PA Workers Comp and Not Following Safety Procedures/Rules

When you file a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim, there’s a good chance your employer will try a number of excuses to get out of covering your medical bills. One of these excuses may be that, since you were not following the company’s rules or safety procedures, the injury is your fault and not the company’s responsibility.  However, this is not an answer you should accept without consulting with an attorney. 
One of the most common issues with this excuse is that employees are not always fully aware of what the company’s rules and safety procedures are. Has the injured worker been fully trained? Are the rules readily available at the worksite? It is unreasonable to expect a worker to know to do something and what they should and should not do if they have never been told otherwise. This includes not wearing proper safety equipment, using tools incorrectly, lifting and moving in a manner that can cause injury, and many other items.
Furthermore, even if the employee has been trained and the rules are readily available, has the supervisor allowed the employee to continue working in a way that is noncompliant with the rules? When an employee is seen doing something wrong or unsafe, it is the supervisor’s job to address the issue. If your supervisor allowed you to continue working in a way that lead to an injury, it may not be your fault.  
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