PA Workers Comp and Privacy

Many injured workers whose claims have been denied put off filing a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim in fear of having their privacy violated. The good news is that Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys and insurance companies are required by law to comply with all HIPPA rules and regulations.
Your PA Workers Comp attorney is not permitted to share any information related to your case (medical records, contact information, information about your employer, etc.) unless you do anything that waives your right to confidentiality. Some ways a person can waive this right are speaking loudly with your attorney in a public place, inviting others to sit in on your private consultations, or telling third parties about the items you and your attorney have discussed. However, attorneys are well aware of these stipulations, and any competent Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney will inform you if you are about to jeopardize any of your rights. 
Furthermore, the insurance company is not to be granted access to any information that is not relevant to your case. And, similar to your attorney, they are not permitted under any circumstances to share this information with non-related parties. 
Violation of these rules is only unethical but is also a very serious legal offense. If you feel the insurance company has overstepped its boundaries or has shared private information about you with unrelated third parties, you should consult with your attorney immediately. 
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