PA Workers Comp Benefits: What Treatments are Covered?

PA Workers Comp Benefits: What Treatments are Covered? 
PA Workers’ Compensation benefits, by definition, cover any medical treatment that is reasonable, necessary, and related to the injured person’s work injury. However, determining what is considered reasonable or necessary can sometimes be difficult. Below is some information to clarify what treatments are covered by Pennsylvania workers’ compensation and which ones are not.  
Choosing a Healthcare Provider
For the first 90 days, Pennsylvania workers are required to treat with a medical provider on the employer’s list of designated physicians. The list of healthcare providers must be prominently posted in an easily accessible area in the workplace. However, if none of the physicians on the list are qualified to deal with the person’s injury, the worker is allowed to visit a doctor of his or her choosing. 
After the first 90 days of treatment have passed, the injured person can begin seeing a physician of his or her choosing. However, he or she MUST notify their employer within five days of the appointment or the employer will be voided of medical bill responsibility.
As we mentioned above, any treatment that is considered reasonable, necessary, and related to the person’s work injury is covered by Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits. Common examples include physician visits, hospital stays, physical therapy, chiropractor visits, medication, and assistive devices. 
One less common treatment we receive frequent questions about is mental health coverage. Mental health treatments are absolutely covered by Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits, and can be beneficial for those that have suffered from anxiety attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, or any other mental health issue.  
On the other hand, alternative treatments such as massage therapy and acupuncture can be difficult to get coverage for. To get treatments such as these covered, you will need to prove their necessity and have them approved. If you are considering alterative treatments, consult with both your physician and your attorney before moving forward. 
One thing an injured person will definitely not want to do is try to get more than what is necessary for his or her injury. Pennsylvania workers’ compensation exists to help honest, injured workers get by while they are unable to work. Furthermore, asking for unnecessary coverage may make you look dishonest and could anger the judge. It’s best to consult with your Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney before determining what treatments you are going to try and get compensation benefits for. 
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