PA Workers Comp: Factories


Despite the fact that many factory jobs have been taken outside of the United States, this list of the companies based in Harrisburg shows that there are still plenty of factory jobs in the area.


Since factory workers often deal with large machinery and are required to do physical labor, there are many safety precautions that must be taken in order to make sure everyone remains safe on the job.


Use Proper Safety Equipment


It’s important for all proper safety equipment to be used. This includes (depending on the type of factory) hard hats, no-slip steel-toed boots, ear protection, and eye protection. Utilizing the proper safety gear will help protect workers from head injuries, falls, hearing loss, and eye injuries.  


Maintain Equipment


It’s important to regularly make sure that all equipment is in good, safe, working condition. All machines should be regularly maintained and oiled, and all worn out parts and tools should be replaced immediately.


Have a Safety Manual with Clearly Enforced Rules


A manual that outlines the rules and how to safely use all job-related equipment is a great resource. Each employee can be given a copy of the manual and a company copy should be made available on the work site at all times. All employees should be thoroughly trained on all safety procedures as well as how to properly use the equipment they are required to work with.


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