PA Workers Comp: Not Following The Rules

We’ve discussed fault many times in the past. In most PA workers’ compensation cases, fault is not a determining factor in whether or not a person is entitled to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits. If an injury takes place at work, it is work-related, and the injured person is entitled to benefits. 
Often, employers will say that they will refuse to pay benefits because the employee was not following safety procedures or breaking a rule.
Yes, people do get injured when the rules are broken. However, it is the job of the employer to make sure that all rules are followed and understood. This is especially true if the supervisor allowed a specific rule to be continually broken.
Furthermore, it is the responsibility of your employer to make sure that all employees are thoroughly trained and fully aware of all rules and safety measures. It is not possible for an employee to safely perform a task if they have not been told how to do so. 
It’s also best practice for all workplaces to have easily accessible safety guides that employees can look over at any time. 
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