PA Workers Comp: Pennsylvania Residents that Work Out-of-State, and Pennsylvania Workers’ that Live Out-of-State


The Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system carries a list of complicated laws and restrictions. One of the most frequent questions we receive regards those who live in Pennsylvania and work out of state, or those who live out of state and work in Pennsylvania. Workers that fall into this category frequently want to know “If I am injured on the job, in which state should I file my workers’ compensation claim?”.


Unfortunately, the answer is not black and white. Every case is different, and an experienced Pennsylvania workers compensation attorney will be able to evaluate your situation and let you know for sure whether or not you should file your claim in Pennsylvania. However, the rules generally work like this:


Anyone who is injured on the job can receive Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits if:


·         They live in Pennsylvania but work in a different state


·         They work in Pennsylvania


·         They work for a company that is based in Pennsylvania


·         They typically work in Pennsylvania but were sent out-of-state for a temporary



·         They have been injured in Pennsylvania


·         They were hired in Pennsylvania but were injured in another state



If you work and/or live in Pennsylvania and have suffered from work-related health issues, contact a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney immediately. If you live in the Harrisburg, Lancaster, or Chambersburg area, call (717) 234-2402 or send us a message to receive a free consultation.


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