PA Workers Comp Safety: Fast Food Workers

Employees of the fast food industry work in an environment that is full of stress, fast-pacing, and hazards. Fast food workers that are injured on the job in Pennsylvania are entitled to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits. 
Below are a few tips fast food workers can use to remain safe on the job. 
Fast food workers are surrounded by griddles, deep fryers, ovens, and various other high-temperature cooking devices. To avoid burns and fires, make sure that all employees have a thorough understanding of how the cooking devices operate. When filling the fryer with grease, make sure it is turned off, and always have a fire extinguisher readily available in the kitchen in case of grease fires.
Trips and Slips
The fast food industry demands fast service. This often causes workers to move carelessly around the kitchen as they try to get the food orders out on time. It’s important for all fast food workers to move at a reasonable pace (never running) and to pay extra close attention to where they are going. All spills should be mopped up as soon as possible. And when the floor is wet, warning signs should be place in all necessary areas. Also, the work area should be clear and free of clutter.
Electrical Shock
When working in the fast-paced world of fast food, it’s also important to remember that those who are not careful are at risk for electrical shock. In fact, in 1984, an 18-year-old suffered a fatal electrocution injury while working a fast food job. One of the worst parts of this story is that, had a better safety procedure been put into place, the victim most likely would have been saved. Immediately after the victim was shocked, a coworker tried to “take the pulse” of the victim and received an electrical shock just from coming in contact with him. The assistant manager saw what was happening, went to the breaker box to shut everything down, but was unable to locate the appropriate breaker. By the time the proper breaker was located, the victim had been in contact with electricity for at least three minutes and was pronounced dead by medical professionals.
It’s vital that there is someone in the work place at all times who knows how to turn off the electricity and that there is a safety plan in place in case something like this occurs. All plugs and electrical connections should be safely installed and as far away from water as possible.
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