PA Workers Comp Safety: Rain

Spring has finally arrived in Pennsylvania. And that means that for the next few months, it's going to be wet outside. Below are a few safety tips you and your coworkers can use if you are required to work outside in rainy conditions.
Wear The Right Clothing
Wear clothing that will keep you dry. If you know you will be working in the rain, wear water-proof, non-slip boots. This will prevent both wet feet and falling. You should also wear water-proof gloves and a rain jacket. Wear colors that will make you visible (especially if you are working along the road) and use anti-fog spray if you are required to wear goggles.
DO NOT Work with Electricity
If your task involves any wires or working with electric tools, save it for another day. Working with electricity in the rain is a bad idea and can lead to electricution.
Be Cautious
A rainy sky means a wet ground. In wet conditions, workers are at risk for running into damp soil or slipping on a wet surface. If it's raining, move slowly and watch your step. Keep your eyes open for wet surfaces and soft ground. Avoid. If you are required to use a ladder or scaffold, do so with extreme caution.
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