PA Workers Comp Safety: Security Guards

Security guards often work during the night, alone, and are in charge of making sure that the area they are protecting remains safe. Because of this, they are at risk for themselves to come face-to-face with violent criminals, which can make safety a constant worry.
Security guards are at risk for many physical injuries including back injuries, head injuries, foot and leg injuries, and falls from heights. Security jobs usually require employees to walk around during most of their shift, so any one of these injuries can occur at any time from slipping or tripping. However, a security guards chances of receiving one of these injuries are raised significantly when they are attacked by or trying to chase down a trespasser. However, what’s most alarming is that security guards are also at risk for receiving injuries from guns or other types of weapons.
For a security guard to remain safe on the job, it’s best to work with at least one other person (especially if their shift is after-hours). However, if this is not possible, security guards should carry a cell phone at all times and should also have access to an alarm system that can alert the authorities if anything goes wrong.
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