PA Workers Comp Safety: Telecommunications



Telecommunication installation is one of the most common jobs available in Pennsylvania. Although it’s a generally safe job, there are a number of injuries that can occur if the proper safety procedures are not followed.


Some of the most common injuries associated with telecommunication installation include :


Electric Shock

Back Injuries

Falls from Heights

Trips and Slips


Below are some simple safety tips you can use to make sure injuries such as these don’t happen on the job.


Utilize Safety Signs


It’s essential that all live wires and electrical equipment be properly labeled. Failure to properly use safety signs can lead to serious (and sometimes fatal) injuries. Pay attention to ALL safety signs you come across. And, if you are aware that there are no safety signs in an area where there should be, contact your supervisor immediately to make sure the situation is resolved and DO NOT use that worksite until it is verified as being safe.


Use the Proper Equipment


All tools should be inspected regularly to ensure that they are in safe condition. All electronic equipment should be double-insulated or should have a case and handle made of non-conducting material. Also, non-conductive gloves, goggles, and hard hats should be worn.


Additionally, all clothing should be dry, hair should be tied back, and all jewelry should be removed. It’s also important to remove any items that are conductors.


Have a Safety Plan in Place


If an injury does occur, it’s important that all employees know exactly what they should do. During accidents, it’s important to remain calm, switch off power supplies, and only touch with victims with non-conductive materials. All employees should be thoroughly trained on the company’s safety procedures, and these should be reviewed at least annually.


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