PA Workers Comp: Supervisors

When it comes to work-related injuries and illnesses, supervisors are often not the first type of employee that comes to mind. However, despite being overlooked, supervisors often work in stressful situations and can be just as prone to work-related injuries and illnesses as all other workers.
Often, supervisors must deal with insubordinate employees, the stress of laying somebody off, critiquing honest but unsatisfactory workers, and delivering bad news from corporate. This can cause a tremendous amount of stress on a person and can lead to mental-health related issues such as depression and anxiety. Also, supervisors often have a hard time making friends in the office (especially in smaller office environments where they are the only person in management), which can be trying on a person's mental health.
Also, supervisors that work in the labor industry are prone to physical injuries such as back, neck, shoulder, and head injuries, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. Also, supervisors are at risk for physical violence if an insubordinate employee ever gets angry and assaults them.
If you are a supervisor that suffers from a work-related injury or illness, you may be entitled to Pennsylvania workers compensation benefits. Do not miss out on what you are entitled to. If you live in the Harrisburg, State College, or Gettysburg area, contact PAWorkersCompHelpNow at (717) 234-2402 or send us a message.
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