PA Workers Comp: What Happens if I Refuse Treatment?

In regards to your Pennsylvania workers’ compensation case, you have the right to refuse any treatment at any time. However, what most people want to know is how refusing treatment will impact their Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim. 
Unlike many areas in PA workers’ comp, this issue is fairly black and white. Pennsylvania courts have determined that if an injured worker refuses any “reasonable medical treatments” in regards to their work related injury, they forfeit their right to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation. 
A “reasonable medical treatment” is defined as a treatment that has a high probability of curing a health problem and enhancing the injured worker’s prospect for gainful and fulfilling employment.
Basically, if your doctor recommends a treatment and you refuse it, your PA workers’ compensation benefits will most likely be terminated. However, one very important thing to keep in mind is that the doctor is the only person who should be recommending treatments. Your employer or the insurance company should not be recommending that you do anything and, if they do, you need to speak with a competent Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney immediately. And, most importantly, DO NOT begin any treatments without consulting with your doctor. 
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