PA Workers Comp: What Should I Do if I am Accused of Fraud?

Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits exist so that victims of work related injuries can put food on the table, cover their medical bills, and take care of any other basic needs while they are unable to work. Some people that receive Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits lives are changed forever in that they will never be able to work or live the same away again. 
It’s great that the law allows injured workers to take advantage of these benefits. Unfortunately, some people try committing workers’ comp fraud. In most cases, workers’ comp fraud occurs when a person fakes an injury at work in order to get time off. One of the worst things about situations such as these is that it gives people with real injuries that genuinely need Pennsylvania workers’ compensation a bad name.   
Making things even worse, insurance companies have been known to accuse true workers’ comp victims of committing fraud. If this happens, it may seem a little scary. However, if you have been honest about your work-related injury, you have nothing to worry about. 
If you are accused of Pennsylvania workers’ compensation fraud, you need to contact a competent Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney immediately. PA workers’ comp attorneys know the way insurance companies think and will be able to help you get one step ahead of your accuser. 
There are also a few important steps you should follow that will prevent you from being accused of fraud. First, it’s imperative that you obey all of your doctor’s orders. If you are told to avoid physical activity, you should not be out playing sports and doing physically demanding yard work. Insurance companies have been known to hire private investigators to catch things like this on camera, and that’s the last thing you want to happen to you. 
It’s also in your best interest to avoid posting anything about your workers’ compensation case on your social media accounts. Even if everything you post is completely true, insurance companies hire attorneys that will try to find a way to twist your words and use anything they can against you. Social media and workers’ compensation don’t work well together. Avoid at all costs. 
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