PA Workers Comp: Winter Injuries


Pennsylvania residents know that winter in Pennsylvania can lead to some scary weather conditions.


And for the Pennsylvania workforce, that can unfortunately lead to work-related injuries. Here are some of the most common injuries associated with winter.  


Car Accidents
During snow storms, driving should be avoided unless it is absolutely necessary. If you are in work-related situation where you MUST drive during a snow storm, you should make sure that all snow is removed from the vehicle (windows and mirrors especially). Also, make sure the vehicle has a functioning heater, the tires are suited for snow travel, and that the vehicle has four-wheel-drive.  It’s also essential that you use your headlights and wear your seatbelt.


Slips and Trips
Winter in Pennsylvania means ice on the ground. And ice on the ground can lead to slips. If you encounter an icy spot while on the job, avoid running and stay focused. It’s your employer’s responsibility to make sure that all sidewalks, walkways, and parking areas are safe to use, but this may not always be the case.


Cold-Related Illnesses
Pennsylvania workers that work outdoors are also at risk for cold-related illnesses. This was especially true last winter, when temperatures were as low as 9°F in Harrisburg. These include frostbite, hypothermia, and trench-foot. To avoid conditions such as these, it’s important to wear waterproof gloves, hats, and coats. You should also dress in layers, wear insulated footwear, and be sure to drink plenty of fluids. Take plenty of breaks, especially if you are starting to feel cold, and NEVER work in extreme cold conditions by yourself.  


If you live in Pennsylvania and have been injured on the job, you may be entitled to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits. If you live in the Harrisburg, York, or Lancaster area, contact PAWorkersCompHelpNow at (717) 234-2402 or send us a message online. We will evaluate your case free of charge.


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