PA Workers Compensation: Teachers



It may be hard to believe, but teachers can be quite prone to injuries. Be it injuries from assault and breaking up fights, sprains from physical activity when teaching gym, or mental health issues as a result of disruptive classroom behavior and stress, teacher have a number of health issues they need to worry about.


Some of the most common injuries associated with teaching include :


  • Slips and Trips – These can result from simply slipping while teaching class, or trying to break up a fight amongst students.
  • Back Injuries – These can result from lifting heavy school supplies or, most commonly, performing physical activities while teaching gym class.
  • Mental Health Issues – The stress of dealing with disruptive students or uncooperative parents and coworkers can lead to serious anxiety, depression, or stress issues.


School boards and supervisors will often try to tell teachers that the school is not responsible for such injuries, or that the injured teacher should pay for their treatment out-of-pocket because the injury is not the school district’s fault. This, however, is not true. Teachers that have been injured on the job are entitled to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits.


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