Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation: Aggravation of Pre-Existing Conditions

Bob is a construction worker with a wife and kids who works hard to put food on the table and pay his bills. He enjoys his job and takes a lot of pride in his work. But, unfortunately for Bob, some days are harder than others. As a result of a high school football injury Bob received in his teens, he has had back problems off and on throughout his entire adult life. But Bob has always been able to work through the pain and never lets it slow him down. 
One day at work Bob’s boss asks him to get something out of the tool box. Bob, being the good employee that he is, happily begins walking to the tool box to grab what his boss asked him to get. But, on his way back from getting the tool, Bob fails to notice a poorly-placed extension cord in the middle of the walkway and trips over it, further aggravating his pre-existing back injury
Bob, unable to finish the day’s work, goes to the doctor. The doctor insists that Bob take an extended period of time off from work in order to ensure his back properly heals. Bob brings this to his supervisor’s attention, asks if he can receive Pennsylvania workers’ compensation for both the time off from work and his medical bills. 
“I’m sorry Bob,” says his supervisor, “You’re a great employee, but I’ve spoken with corporate and they say that since you’ve had a bad back all your life it’s not our responsibility to compensate for your injury”. 
Bob, taking his supervisor’s word for it, goes for a month without pay and falls behind on his bills, instead using the money he had saved to make sure his family has food to eat.
Not only are occurrences like this highly unethical, they’re also sadly quite common. Yes, Bob has had back problems his whole life. BUT, since these problems were worsened by something that took place on the job, they are covered by Pennsylvania workers’ compensation. 
Let’s review Bob’s case just to be certain. He was on the job site when the injury took place, performing a task that his supervisor asked him to do, and he tripped over a cord that was being used unsafely by one of his coworkers. There’s no way around it. Bob is entitled to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation. 
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