Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation: Can I Represent Myself in a Workers’ Compensation Case?

The state of Pennsylvania does allow injured workers to represent themselves in court. However, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor warns that “…you should be aware the WC litigation is complex, and your employer or your employer’s insurance carrier will be represented by an experienced attorney”. And they’re right. It is in your best interest to hire an experienced Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney to represent you in your workers’ compensation case.
Insurance companies will do all they can to see that you do not win your case, and we guarantee they’ll have hired the most experienced attorney they can afford. It is unwise to go into your case without somebody on your side who understands the way insurance companies think. Workers’ compensation laws are also extremely complicated. Because of this, if you elect to represent yourself in court, it is quite likely that you will miss some key points that will really work in your case’s favor. Especially considering that you may be in the process of nursing yourself back to good health and will not have the time to devote to the case an experienced attorney has.
A Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney will help you decipher legal jargon, answer all of your questions, prepare for your workers’ compensation hearing, get all of your medical documents in order, and complete and submit your claim petition. Remember, if you choose to represent yourself, it is your responsibility to prove all necessary points that entitle you to workers’ compensation benefits. It can be very easy to miss something, even in the simplest of cases. 
In short, yes, you can represent yourself in a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation case. However, it greatly decreases your chances of winning the case. Remember, you have nothing to lose by contacting PaWorkersCompHelpNow for a free consultation. If you live in the Harrisburg, State College, or Bethlehem area and you think you are missing out on the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to, call 877-COMPHELP right away. 
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