Safety Tips for Working with Hazardous Chemicals

Exposure to hazardous chemicals is one of the most common injuries that can lead to Pennsylvania workers' compensation. If your job involves hazardous chemicals, here are some tips you and your coworkers can follow to make sure you stay safe in the workplace.
Have an Emergency Plan
In the event that there is a leak or spill, know what to do. Know how to clean up each different type of chemical and know where all of the necessary equipment is stored. Only those that have been trained to work with a spilled chemical should be responsible for cleaning up the spill. If you do not have a plan similar to this in place, speak with your supervisor about putting one together and giving all employees a copy, while also making a copy readily available at the job site. 
Wear Protective Clothing
When working with dangerous chemicals, be sure to have all appropriate clothing such as boots, gloves, safety googles, etc. If you spill a chemical on the clothing you are wearing, either dispose of or thoroughly clean the clothes (depending on whether or not the item is for one-time use). When spills such as this occur, do not consume any food or beverages until you have thoroughly cleaned all areas of the body that may have come in contact with the chemical. 
Keep the Job Site Clean and Organized
Keep all working areas and walkways clear of objects that could cause anyone to fall and knock over a chemical. Make sure that all chemicals are properly sealed when not in use and labeled. If a spill occurs, take care of it immediately. Make sure that all protective equipment and first aid kits are kept in easily accessible areas and that everyone knows where to locate them. There should also be warning signs that are clearly visible as well as readily available guides that help workers decipher the chemical labels. 
Properly Dispose of All Chemicals
Not every chemical is to be disposed of in the same manner. Be sure to know how to properly manage the chemical waste you are working with as well was everything that may come in contact with it. 
Remember, if you have been injured in a hazardous chemical accident while on the job, you may be entitled to Pennsylvania workers' compensation. If you live in the Harrisburg, Hazleton, or York area, contact PaWorkersCompHelpNow at 877-COMPHELP for a free consultation. 
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