Should I Try to Work After a Work-Related Injury?


Often, after receiving work-related injury, the injured person will try to work through the pain. Workers often do this for a number of reasons, some of which include fear of being judged by their coworkers as well as the fear of angering their employer. This is NEVER a good idea. This could not only damage your chances of receiving Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits, but it could also cause serious health problems.


Trying to work through an injury can cause the injury to worsen, leading to a longer recovery period and, in more serious cases, permanent consequences. If you receive any type of work-related injury, you should stop working immediately and be examined by a medical professional. Only when a doctor gives you the go-ahead to keep working is it safe to do so.


Working through an injury can also damage a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim. Even if you try just for a few seconds or a few minutes and decide the pain is just too much, an onlooker may try to accuse you of faking. Many employers will do anything they possibly can to get out of covering a work-related injury. Don’t give them anything to work with.


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