Social Media Can Damage Your Pa Workers Comp Case

Back in August, we touched briefly on the topic of social media with our post 3 Common Tricks Used By Insurance Companies to Fight Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation. However, since social media is starting to play such a significant role in every day life, we’ve decided it would be worth examining the relationship between Pennsylvania workers’ compensation and social media a little further. 
Simply put, the use of social media during an ongoing Pennsylvania workers’ compensation trial can completely ruin your case. If you have ANY type of social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) it’s a guarantee that the opposing side is monitoring your accounts closely, just waiting for you to slip up. During an ongoing investigation, it’s really in your best interest to avoid the use of social media until the case is over. However, if you cannot bring yourself to stay away, there are some definite guidelines you need to follow. 
Don’t Mention Your Workers’ Comp Case
Some people think it will help their case if they talk on social media about how painful their injuries are. But in reality, it’s in your best interest to steer clear of any mention of your case. Insurance companies and their attorneys have ways of twisting words and connecting dots you don’t even know exist. Someone you may not get along with may event try to damage your case by commenting on your posts and accusing you of faking. Don’t give the insurance company and their attorneys anything to work with. 
Don’t Post any Status Updates or Photos of You Doing Physical Activity
This should be obvious, but it happens more often than it should. If you are too injured to work, you should not be using social media to share information about your trips to the gym, the time you spent dancing in the bar the other night, or any other form of physical activity. And this is also true for pictures. Even if the picture was taken BEFORE your injury, it’s still giving the opposing side information they can work with. If something goes against your doctor’s orders, don’t do it. And definitely don’t post about it on your Facebook page. 
Don’t Say Mean Things about Your Employer, Their Attorney, or the Judge
Even though you are fighting against your employer and their attorney and they may be using unfair tactics against you, it’s in your best interest to remain civil. Posting negative things about these people will make it look like you have a vendetta and will not help your case at all. 
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