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Injured at work


Injured at Work? PA Workers’ Comp Help Now Can Help

If you’ve been injured at work, we’re very happy you have found this page.

Why? We Have The Right Answers to Your Questions!

Because in the next few minutes, we’d like to give you answers to some of the questions that must be on your mind. We also want to provide directions you may need to avoid making any mistakes that can threaten your health and benefits.

Although your work-related injury may differ from others, the process of filing and winning a claim is basically the same. When injured at work your goal should be to commit to recovering from your injury by finding just the right treatment and eliminating the stress that comes with legal documents, medical exams and life-changing decisions that you may experience. Since you’ll be dealing with a large corporate insurance company, it is important for you to be both prepared and protected.

4 Steps To Take When Injured At Work.

Injured at workFirst things first. These are the 4 Steps you need to take to recover when you’ve been injured at work. Whether it’s an accident or illness, for your workers’ compensation benefits you need to avoid legal landmines, insurance company babble and concentrate on your recovery.

  • Treat – If you’ve been seriously injured at work, the first priority is to seek medical assistance from the hospital emergency room or from a physician. Don’t downplay the injury as “nothing serious”. Things change. Today’s sore back can turn out to be a herniated disc tomorrow.

  • ReportWhen you’ve been injured at work reporting the accident with your employer is very important and must take place in a timely fashion. Sit with your manager or human relations person and report to them exactly what happened.

  • File – People who have been injured at work tend to relax after reporting the injury to their employer and talking with the insurance company. There is another task that is very important in protecting yourself. You must file a Claim Petition if you have not received a Notice of Compensation Payable. Note: Filling out the petition is important and can be very confusing. If you call AJ Palutis he will help you fill out the paperwork for NO CHARGE (Free).

  • Recover – You will be responsible for your recovery, consequently you must follow the directions of the doctor, nurse and insurance company to the letter. Remember, insurance companies are not your friend. The doctors and therapists are paid by the insurance company, and report directly to them concerning how you’re handling your treatment.