Tips for Having Your PA Workers’ Comp Claim Accepted

It's no secret that insurance companies will do all they can to get out of covering a Pennsylvania workers' compensation claim. Below are a few tips you can use increase your chances of not being rejected. 
1. Report Your Injury in a Timely Fashion
In Pennsylvania, you have 120 days to report your injury. However, waiting this long can still damage your case and may make you look suspicious. It's best to report your injury as soon as it happens to guarantee proper documentation. 
2. DO NOT Hide Anything From Your Doctor
Be sure to thoroughly and honestly answer all of your doctor's questions. If your claims support your doctor's report, the claim will likely not be accepted. Honestly answer all questions regarding how the injury took place, where it hurts, and the severity of the pain. 
3. Be Honest with Your Attorney
Sometimes, people will withold information from their attorney out of feat of damaging the PA workers' comp case. The truth is, an experienced Pennsylvania workers' compensation attorney knows exactly how to handle information like this and will not allow it to damage yor case. Not giving your attorney all of the facts could cause a contradiction to occur in court, which would not help your case at all. 
4. Follow Your Doctor's Orders
Many insurance companies will hire private investigators to make sure all injured workers are following the doctor's orders. If you are caught breaking ANY of the medical professional's recommendations, your case will likely be lost. It's in the best interest of not only your health, but also your PA workers' comp claim that you follow the doctor's instructions at ALL times. Even if you think no one is watching. 
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