We understand the laws.

As workers compensation lawyers in Pennsylvania, we understand Workers Compensation laws in PA very well. If you have been hurt on the job, you are probably in pain with medical and household bills piling up. If you have been denied PA Workers Compensation benefits you are entitled to or are currently on benefits, you need help now. Our Law Practice will evaluate your case free of charge and let you know what rights and benefits you are entitled to receive.


Workers Compensation Services

You do not pay me, or my law firm a dime for our experienced representation until the insurance company hands you the check that you are entitled to receive. We pay all of your costs for you. You will not be pestered with receiving a bill for litigation costs while your case is being handled by our firm. We know that times are tough and that being hurt at work puts you in an impossible position to pay for things like doctor reports, trial transcriptions and expensive deposition fees charged by your doctors while we are fighting to win your case

  • Complete analysis of what your worker’s compensation case is worth
  • Complete analysis of settlement of Medical only claims
  • Late workers’ compensation benefit checks
  • Non-payment of medical bills
  • Non-payment of prescription medication
  • Accurate completion of verification forms sent from the workers’ comp insurance carrier
  • Accurate description of your work injury to include ALL injuries that occurred at work
  • Accurate calculation of your Average Weekly Wage and Workers’ Comp Benefit Rate
  • Denial of your PA workers’ compensation claim
  • Lost income, unpaid bills and bill collectors
  • Coordinating short term disability benefit applications and other disability insurance benefits
  • Applying for Unemployment Compensation benefits
  • Denial of your health insurance for payment of medical bills for your work injury
  • Company doctors and rehab nurses
  • Independent Medical Examination (IME) scheduled by the workers’ comp insurance carrier and your employer
  • Independent Rating Evaluation (IRE) scheduled by the workers’ comp insurance carrier and your employer
  • Termination and modification/suspension Petitions
  • Vocational counselor and the labor market survey process
  • Social Security/Pension Offsets and the receipt of PA workers’ compensation benefits
  • Your rights under a Union Labor Management Agreement and how it affects your PA workers’ compensation claim
  • Lay-offs and plant closings
  • Vocational evaluations and re-training
  • Mental injuries including depression and anxiety
  • PA workers’ compensation claims for loss of use of specific body parts
  • Hearing loss due to exposure to occupationally hazardous loud noise or explosions
  • At home modifications to assist the injured worker in activities of daily living
  • Modifications to your automobile or purchase of a handicapped accessible van for transportation
  • Fatal claim (death) cases from a PA work injury and benefits owed to survivors who were economically dependent upon the worker