How long can I get Workers Compensation benefits in PA?

Can I lose my Workers’ benefit?

If you’re receiving PA Workers’ Compensation Benefits there are certain things you should know. Your benefits can be affected by either termination, modification or suspension due to actions performed by you.

When your Workers’ Compensation claim is denied.

If you are watching this video, you are either concerned about or have had your workers’ compensation claim denied. I’m glad you’re here! I’m AJ Palutis and, in the next couple of minutes, I will tell you why a denial is not the end of your claim. I will offer you some important information on how to obtain the benefits you deserve.

What are PA Workers Compensation benefits?

What Are PA Workers’ Compensation Benefits? Once you realize that the insurance company is conducting an investigation of your accident at work, the question becomes… “what in the world are they investigating?”

Are you eligible for Workers Compensation benefits?

You are eligible for Pa. Workers’ Compensation Benefits if you are a full-time employee, a part-time employee, a temporary worker, a seasonal worker, or are paid in cash.

Choosing the best Workers Compensation Attorney.

Choosing the best workers’ compensation attorney to represent you can turn into an internet beauty contest, bad referrals from friends and family, or just choosing the one who has the best website.

How do Workers Compensation Lawyers get paid?

Here is just one small word of caution. For some lawyers, “Free” doesn’t always mean totally free. Along with your case come expenses such as the cost for depositions, medical records, professional testimony, and other costs that can total thousands of dollars. Many lawyers expect you to pay those expenses, yourself!

Why use PAWorkersCompHelpNow in Harrisburg?

As your Pa. Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, I will not allow you to be confused by the process or bullied by anyone involved. I will handle all the details, while you concentrate on your recovery. The best part of our alliance is that you won’t ever have to pay me anything. You have no out-of-pocket bills to pay… EVER!

PA Workers Compensation explained