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You owe it to yourself to contact our award-winning Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Lawyers for a free and comprehensive evaluation of your Pennsylvania Workers Compensation case. If you’ve been injured on the job in Pennsylvania and want to know what your case is worth, or your claim has been denied, and are interested in a lump sum settlement for your case, contact us today!

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A.J. Palutis is an award-winning Pennsylvania Workers Compensation and Work Injury Attorney

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If you have been hurt on the job, you are probably in pain with medical and household bills piling up. If you have been denied PA Workers Compensation benefits you are entitled to or are currently on benefits, you need help now for our experienced workers comp lawyers in PA. With our tremendous amount of experience and extremely satisfied clients, we’re the perfect fit for you.

Our Pennsylvania Workers Compensation lawyers will evaluate your case free of charge and let you know what rights and benefits you are entitled to receive. You do not pay me, or my law firm, a dime for our experienced representation until the insurance company hands you the check that you are entitled to receive. We pay all of your costs for you. You will not be pestered with receiving a bill for litigation costs while your case is being handled by our firm. We know that times are tough and that being hurt at work puts you in an impossible position to pay for things like doctor reports, trial transcriptions and expensive deposition fees charged by your doctors while we are fighting to win your case. You owe it to yourself to setup and have a free consultation with us. Yes, an absolutely free and without obligation consultation.

Choosing the right Workers Comp Lawyers in PA

As experienced workers compensation lawyers in Pennsylvania, we understand the complicated PA Workers Compensation laws. You want somoene with real client reviews, incredible experience and knowledge fighting in your corner. You need to contact our team if any of the following circumstances may or will apply to you:

  • You have been injured on the job
  • You want to know what your case is worth
  • Your workers compensation claim has been denied
  • You are receiving wage loss for your injury
  • You are receiving medical benefits for your injury
  • Your medical benefits have been denied or challenged
  • Your prescription benefits have been denied or challenged
  • You are interested in a lump sum settlement for your case

Danielle Leach

A.J. Palutis represented me in my workers’ compensation case. He really knew what he was doing. He kept me updated along the way and got me a very good settlement of my case. I HIGHLY recommend him if you need a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation attorney.

Amy Delancey

A.j. Palutis was the most proficient and kind hearted attorney that I ever dealt with.He is who you need in your corner when facing the Worker’s Comp nightmare!! He is not your typical lawyer. He does really care about his clients. I would recommend no other attorney.

James Davis

Aj is an outstanding lawyer, he came to my rescue at the spurt of the moment and handled my case without fear and treated me like I was his only case thanks to aj palutis I have my life back. Thank you for being my guiding light and I would recommend aj palutis for anyone seeking a workers compensation attorney!

Stephen Pozoic

A.J.Palutis was my workers’ compensation lawyer. He is very knowledgeable. In fact he answered most of my questions before I even got to ask them. He handled my case so well that I received a great settlement and I could not be happier with the representation he provided.

Mike Souders

AJ was a great help to me in my Pa.Workers’ Compensation case. He was there for me in the difficult time after my work injury. His representation was excellent. He answered all my questions and managed to obtain an excellent lump sum settlement for me and my family. I highly recommend that anyone contact AJ Palutis to represent them for Pa. Worker’s Compensation matters. He’s really the best!!

Chris Sharr

A.J. Palutis was a great help to me. I contacted AJ and he immediately began to help me find the right doctor to help me. AJ put my Health first and never once was concerned about the money. When we went to court he was awesome!! He got me a fantastic settlement but most importantly my injury is being taken care of thanks to AJ. I would strongly recommend him to anyone hurt on the job.